Expected Results

The final result will be a hybrid solution able to:

  • Deposit material for green field manufacturing, feature addition on existing parts or repair
  • Utilize vision-based metrology for generation of part point cloud and advanced algorithms for automatic geometry reconstruction
  • Utilize subtractive processing for finishing of the parts

The HybridR system will also employ dedicated monitoring and control systems for each of the processes that are involved with the workflow, which will increase its robustness and enable the delivery of a defect-free part at the end of the production. Moreover, interfaces between the whole CAx chain will be developed to enable the automatic toolpath generation based on the data that are acquired by the vision-based metrology system. The system functionalities will be demonstrated in a pilot scenario, which will be inspired by real industrial cases, in order to show its applicability in a real production environment. All the aforementioned developments have been planned to be completed during a 30-month timeframe (August 2020 – January 2023) and the project budget amounts to ca. 950.000€, which is going to be partially funded by the Greek Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020 (EPAnEK).