A hybrid (additive and subtractive) processing robotic system


Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies have shown a rapid development over the last decade. Metal AM is now adopted in numerous industries, such as naval, energy, aerospace and automotive. AM provides a very flexible solution for processing of exotic materials (Ni-alloys, Titanium, etc.) and enables repair of components that would not be possible with conventional processing. However, AM cannot provide on its own parts that will meet the requirements of the aforementioned industries. To this end, subtractive processes have to be combined in a hybrid solution, in order to achieve the required quality for the part, in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

HybridR is proposing an innovative robotic-based platform, which incorporates Laser Metal Deposition, milling and grinding as enabling technologies. The use of a robot as a base structure will provide a very high flexibility to the system and will showcase that robots can have a very high potential in the manufacturing industry.